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Rockfall Cave     Rockfall Cave     Rockfall Cave tarn     The secluded Rockfall Cave valley     The rock-fall, with Kamberg in the distance


Mkhomazi Wilderness Area, Southern Drakensberg.  The cave is about 1,5 km from Sinclair's Cave, in a secluded little valley above the cliff which marks the southern boundary of Anondale farm.

GPS Coordinates: WGS 84

S29 25.997 E29 41.706 at 2 189 metres (Landlubbers)


Rockfall Cave is a quaint little overhang with a level dirt floor, capable of accommodating about 4 hikers.  It overlooks a small, secluded valley, and a tarn is just a stroll away.

Comfort:  4/5

The cave is comfortable, with most of its floor area being usable (the upper section may become damp in mid-summer).

Water:  3/5

There appears to be a reliable source of water, supplied by a small stream near the tarn.  There is another small stream higher up the valley, but getting there involves a walk over fairly rough ground.

Pools:  3/5

There are no real pools in the area, but the tarn allows for a good wallow if you don't mind tadpoles for company.  The tarn is poorly flushed, so do not use soap or shampoo, or you will kill off its natural occupants.  Soap and shampoo should never find their way into rivers and streams anyway.

Shelter:  2/5

This is a south-facing cave, so rain can drive in under the overhang in foul weather.  The slightly raised ground level in front of the cave provides some shelter from the wind.

Outlook:  5/5

The valley and tarn are picturesque, and a short walk of 50 metres or so will put you on top of the cliff overlooking Anondale farm and Kamberg.  Take great care - the cliff is about 100 metres high!

Overall Rating:  17/25


The cave gets its name from the very prominent rock-fall at the end of the cliff line behind it.



Last modified on 2011/11/10